Koh Phangan Beaches Guide

Koh Phangan Beach Guide – Best Beaches in the Gulf of Thailand

Island of Koh Phangan is surrounded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Gulf of Thailand region. White sand with coconut trees shadowing over the beach and crystal clear waters is a typical setting for a beach on Koh Phangan. 65% of Phangan beaches can be accesses easily by bike or car. Although some beaches on Phangan either require a boat or some off-roading and even some hiking. Koh Phangan has a good selection of white sandy beaches which are perfect for young children, beach lovers or anyone looking to unwind and relax. Some of the beaches on the Island are very special and have the wow factor.

The tidal nature around the Island makes the best beaches to go swimming, to be on the North and East coasts.The Island has many secluded bays and coves hidden away which are all around the Island suitable for privacy and seclusion. Some of the scenary around the Island is spectaclor and even if you are not searching for a perfect beach to swim and sunbath, there is some breathtaking areas to just take in.
Koh Phangan’s beaches are not crowded and most of the year you will find very little people on the beaches.  Below is a list of beaches starting from North moving clockwise around the Island.

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Ao Chaloklum
Haad Khom
Haad Khuad (Bottle Beach)
Haad Thong Lang


Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi
Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai
Ao Thong Reng
Haad Sadet


Ao Ban Khai
Ao Ban Tai
Ao Hin Lor
Haad Leela
Haad Rin Nai
Haad Rin Nok
Haad Thian (EAST)
Haad Wai Nam
Haad Yao (EAST)
Haad Yuan


Ao Bang Charu
Ao Nai Wok
Ao PlaayLaem


Ao Wok Tum
Ao Hin Kong
Ao Sri Thanu
Ai Niad
Ao Chao Phao
Haad Son
Haad Yao (WEST)
Haad Thian (WEST)
Haad Dao Deuk
Haad Kruad
Haad Salad
Haad Mae Had