Dangers & Warnings

Glass on the beach – From broken bottles

Drugs – Offered by local gangs, beware drugs are Illegal in Thailand and high sentences are given.

Pick pockets and Thieves – Hundreds of people always attract thieves, when you have had a few to drink you are an easy target, watch your wallet, camera phone. It is advisable to bring a little as possible with you and leave your valuables in the hotel safe or at the reception.

Fighting – Fighting is common amongst people who drink a lot and best to stay away or walk away if you end up getting involved in a dispute, especially if it is with a local Thai person! Thai people will team up very fast against you the tourist and your night could end up very painful.

Fire Dancers & burning skipping ropes

It started with fire dancers and it was and still is a spectacle to see. Many people do it and some are very good and professional others are not! So mistakes do happen, I long stick with oil on each end burning very strongly is spun round and round with the experienced fire dancer skilled enough to do it amongst a crowd. Occasionally you get a fire dancer who is not so experienced and one false move and he can drop his stick, most the time it goes down into the sand and no problems. Other times it can gain a little of speed and head straight into a crowd, and can produce a nasty burn if you are on the other end of it. Stay back, keep your distance!
Another fire dance trick which has gained popularity over the last few years is the burning skipping rope. A piece of rope about 8 meters long that is covered in oil and burning. Held by two people each end they will rotate it and ask people in the crowd to jump it. Sounds good and you will get a few experienced Thai people do this and jump it quite successfully for about 10 to 15 jumps. Now its your turn, your under alcohol, you’re on a beach, it’s your first attempt. I leave the rest to your imagination, I will advise it’s not easy to do in the sand and with a few drinks under your belt and I’ve seen people get some lovely burns.

The other fire trick is the burning circle. Which people jump through? This one is not so bad and you can get burned, but most I’ve seen are people hurting themselves landing when they have jumped through it. I heard a rumor that the local hospitals were giving commission to the fire dancers for burned victims during a full moon party.