Ao Hin Kong

Ao Hin Kong – Phangan Bay & Beach

Ao Hin Kong is not exactly a beach , this is a stretch of coast line that is untouched and undeveloped  which is about 2 and half kilometers its connected with Ao Wok Tum which is basically the same stretch of bay, you can find some spots along it where there is sand and places to sit and admire the setting. This whole bay has a tide and during some parts of the day the water can completely disappear leaving just small sand dunes. When the water is in you can swim and it’s very pleasant. Even when the water is just starting to raise it’s an enjoyable walk with ankle deep water, although it can be muddy in some spots. This bay has quite a few little sandy parts and most of this entire bay is completely natural. When the tide is low you will see a large sand bank in the middle this is where Ao Hin Kong ends and Ao Wok Tum begins. This bay changes very fast in a matter of 3 or 4 hours the water can be as deep as a meter from ankle deep. Depending on the weather this bay has some fascinating changes.

This bay is great for kayaking and during November when there are higher winds this spot becomes a popular place for kite boarders.

The coastal road from Thong Sala to Sri Thanu covers whole length of these two bays with the road only being about 5 meters away from this coast line. A few resorts and restaurants sit along some parts of the bay. Excellent sunsets can be seen from the road side across this wonderful ever changing landscape of water and sand. Different times of the year when the tide is low, you see many fisherman walking across the sands digging up all kinds of crabs, hermit crabs, and other species of marine life.

Overall it’s a place to explore and admire more than a place to swim and catch the sun. More of photographers spot than a beach side.

Map Location Ao Hin Kong

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