Ao Haad Thian

A little off the beaten track this little beach is one that is hidden away, it’s not a very popular beach on Koh Phangan because it’s a little bit secluded. A few dirt roads need to be tackled to get to this little bay and a few steep bits nearer the bottom.

This beach is 35% sand and 65% pebbles with loads of sea debris like large chunks of wood and broken coconuts. The right side of this beach you will find Haad Thaian Resort which sits on the far end, which is basically a pool, restaurant and a dozen or so bungalows. The beach from the bungalows is a little bit further to the left. The front of these bungalows is a concrete platform walkway stretching the length of the bungalows which divides the water and the land between the bungalows. The sea is about the same with 65% pebbles and 35% sand, although you can swim here with the depth of around 2 meters only a few meters out.

Map Location of Ao Haad Thian

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