Ao Chaloklum North West

Ao Chaloklum – Koh Phangan Beach

This beach is very long beach and it is split into two sections by a large concrete jetty and the village of Chaloklum sitting on the left side just behind the jetty. The most eastern side of Chaloklum is lovely white sandy beach and very shallow, great for young children. Its 90% sand and the water quality can be more than perfect depending on the weather. Its quite a well sheltered bay and hardly ever any currents or high waves.

Then on the right side is the other part of the beach which also quite pleasant with good water conditions and white sandy beach at the back of this beach you will see many fish restaurants which is basically the main village of Chaloklum, between the two main beaches is a large concrete jetty where fishing boats dock. Chaloklum operates as a fishing village and it also runs the main taxi boat connection to Bottle beach and Thong Nai Pan. Chaloklum has a few scuba diving and they all start there dive tours from this beach and jetty.

Resorts are mainly on the Eastern side with bungalows on the beach like Fanta Bungalows and Chaloklum Bay resort.

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