Massage Koh Phangan

Thai Massage Koh Phangan

Massage Koh Phangan is one of the number one services on the Island, because Thailand is world famous for its traditional Thai massage technique. Thai Massage is an ancient form of massage said to have been developed or created by Thai Buddhist monks some 2500 years ago. Stretching, flexing and points on your body are gently pressured along some of the bodies energy lines, to increase blood flow and flexibility. Its a way for releasing muscle tension, join tension and balance the body’s energy system or chi.

Many Thai people mostly women across the country learn this technique and skill to be able to work anywhere in Thailand. Most girls/guys study this technique from temples such as Wat Po in Bangkok to get a certificate that they can do Traditional Thai Massage. Through most young Thai people it’s an easy way to get work. Massage is a very reasonable price here in Thailand compared to other parts of the world and this makes it one of the top attractions or activities for any tourists who visit Thailand.

All over Thailand you will find massage parlours providing the traditional Thai massage and other massage techniques like foot massage and other oil massages. It’s a typical site in any large cities or villages to see a line of massage shops. Massage shops can be found almost everywhere, but popular places are located near hotels, on the beaches. Here is example of a typical massage shop on Koh Phangan.  Massage Koh Phangan is a huge favourite for all tourists, hence the reason of seeing so many shops providing this service.

Massage Koh Phangan can be found in a number of places across the Island, you will find most massage shops along the Ban Tai road and in around the village of Thong Sala, SriThanu, Haad Rin and Thong Nai Pan. All the popular beaches on the Island will have massage beds.

Massage Koh PhanganA typical Thai Massage can start from 200 Baht up to 500 Baht for 1 hour, pending what type of establishment you choose. Your average shop is basic and has a thin matrices on the floor that provide a decent massage or you can choose a shop or spa that is very fancy and has private rooms luxury beds or raised beds with typical Thai decor and maybe has a number of other services apart from massage, like body waxing, body scrub, spa and much more. Every massage parlour has a different vibe or decor, but you will notice there is a standard massage shop which is common all across Thailand. You can find massage services everywhere, in most resorts there is most likely a massage service either to your room, or in-house massage shop. Massage can also be found on most beaches, here you will often find open bamboo huts on the beach offering the standard massages.

A darker side to massage can be found in some streets and establishments across Thailand, mainly in popular tourist areas where you will see very attractive girls flaunting themselves, promoting body massage, the result of these kind of places is you will be offered other services like body to body massage and yes happy endings.

Thai massage main idea is to relax and release tension in the muscles and joints in the body and this keeps it a hot favorites with so many tourists that visit Thailand. There are also other massage techniques that people prefer that can also be found in 99% of massage establishments. Foot Massage or reflexology is another top massage you will see on offer, other popular massage is oil massage either using coconut oil or other kinds of oils like aromatherapy oils. Aloe Vera massage is another popular one, great for those who get sunburn.

Types of Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is the most popular in Thailand and world famous. A Thai Massage usually done on a futon mat on the floor, with the client wearing loose clothing. It involves a number of stretching routines that the masseur will assist in doing to you, by pulling and pushing parts of your body into these relaxing or sometimes uncomfortable positons to stretch your body, without you doing any work, known as the lazy man’s yoga. It’s basically rhythmic pressing and pressuring movements directed at muscle areas and tissues on your body, this is normally done by with either hands or fingers. Also a number of places are pressured across your body to entice energy flow throughout the body. A typical session involves you being face down and the masseur putting pressure on your back and moving down the spine, it’s extremely relaxing and feels great and provides you with a nice energy.

Oil Massage

Oil massage can be a lot more relaxing than a Thai massage, reason being is an oil massage you are not stretched or pulled in anyway, and it’s basically a masseur rubbing oil into your body. A masseur can release a lot of tension in your body as he/she uses her fingers and hands to pressure points on your body. More and more oils are becoming a choice in massage parlours, but the leading one is coconut oil.

Foot Massage

This technique is a massage on your feet only, known as a form reflexology this kind of massage is also known to create real health benefits to a person’s wellbeing. Reflexology is technically a form of acupressure applied to the foot at specific points on the foot. Many massage shops you will see a map of the foot showing the parts of the body that the foot connects too. Applying pressure at these points manipulates the energy to the corresponding parts of the body, like the organs and other systems which gives great health benefits.

People with sensitive feet can find this kind of massage ticklish or uncomfortable, the masseur will manipulate your foot to relax its muscles and then apply pressure with their fingers or sometimes a small tool. Your feet feel wonderful after this massage and you almost get a warm tingling feeling deep inside.

Other massage techniques

A typical menu at a massage shop will list a number of massages, your standards are Thai, Oil and foot massage, but you might see back and shoulder massage, head massage and a variety of different oils that can be used for oil massage. Overall the massage is similar just the designated area gets more attention.