Srithanu Village Koh Phangan

This is a peaceful little village located in the North West part of the Island. This area has a few resorts, bungalows and villas all set in amongst the coconut trees. You will find a small shop and a few restaurants at the entrance of Srithanu and as you move further in to the main part of the town you will find a few girl bars, a typical Thai BBQ restaurant and a motorbike repair shop and then a few meters on you will see some Thai restaurants also a tattoo shop with a coffee bar at the front. Once near the center of Sri Thanu where you will find a junction road to Haad Yao and Mae Haad. This junction will you see the one and only 7/11 in the area, which has a wide selection of drinks,food and other essentials, most of the cafes, massage parlors, restaurants and bars are located in this area including an Italian pizza restaurant, some booking agents for tours, buses and ferries. A bakery lies opposite the 7/11 with a delicious selection of freshly baked bread and next to this on the same side is a pharmacy with a wide selection of health products.

Outskirts of Srithanu

Further towards Haad Yao you will find more restaurants, bars and massage parlors spaced along the road. Sri Thanu has a small beach also with some bars and restaurants located on it. Sri Thanu has a few motorbike repair shops and most Thai restaurants and shops will sell 1 liter of gasoline if needed for your motorbike, because the main gasoline station is located near Thong Sala. ATM’s can be found at most 7/11’s , my last count through the whole village I saw at least four ATM machines. Phone boxes are located through the town at random spots. Most bars and restaurants are giving free wifi, its very rare now that a bar or restaurant will charge you for WiFi access. Sri Thanu is fairly quiet town, although the road can tend to get busy at times with traffic from the South traveling to the North and vice versa. In the area of Sri Thanu you will also find a few yoga places like Orion healing Center and Agama Yoga Center.

Sti Thanu has a small lake which is about half of a kilometer from the 7/11 on the lake you will see the bar/restaurant Lake View. This lake is connected to the sea but the water does not turn over very well during the hot months, it depends mainly on rain water to keep it fresh. The lake view bar has some games on the water for all ages to enjoy. For those of you looking for the beach check out Srithanu beach.


A few restaurants to try when staying in Srithanu :

Good Time
Phangan Cove
Mama’s Kitchen
Restaurant Srithanu

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