Getting around Koh Phangan, Transport

Getting around on Koh Phangan is fairly easy, using the local taxi services or motorbike taxis. Most people who come here rent a motorbike or car. Renting a motorbike is the most popular. Although we will warn you that the roads on Koh Phangan are not perfect and some of the steep hills can sometimes be difficult for an in-experienced rider. Also beware of small pot holes in the road that can easily throw you off your bike. A good motorbike rider would know that a crash helmet is essential, although most Thai people do not wear them, we recommend it. And local police will fine you on the spot if they want too…But it is law to wear a helmet.

A car is a better and safer option on Koh Phangan.You can rent most types of vehicles here in Thailand from 4×4 , automatics and a standard car. You will need to produce a drivers licenses for the person who will drive the car.

Taxi – songthaew is the small pickup truck with seats on the back and a roof, it can seat about 10 people and drives along most popular roads picking people up anywhere along there routes.This is an excellent transport system.

Car Hire -Renting a car on Phangan is the best option and you will be able access 90% of the Islands roads with a 4×4. The roads on Koh Phangan are tarmac, but a good 45% of the roads are still dirt track.During the rain a 4×4 is essential if you want to explore some on the Islands interior. Some of the tarmac roads are twisty and steep at times and also a little narrow, not recommended to speed around these roads. The road from Haad Rin to Ban Thai is especially steep and twisty and at times is very dangerous for an un-experienced driver. Many motorbike accidents happen on this stretch of road, and you are alot safer to do this road in a car. Other roads around the Island are generally quiet safe and quiet.

Most of the cars on the roads are 4×4 pickups and Songtail taxis. The other road users are mostly motorbikes, where you need to keep all eyes open as motorbikes will squeeze through any gap to get to there destination. See My Hut Rental for car hire and also Koh Phangan Car hire who have fully insured cars.

Motorbike Hire – The most popular form of transport on the Islands and Thailand. A motorbike can be automatic gears or manual. Its probably better to get an automatic if its your first time riding a bike. Its advised to wear a helmet for your own safety. It is law in Thailand, but Thai people do ignore this law around the Islands. A fine can be given on the spot if you are stopped by police and up to the mood of the police officer what he will charge you. Its not a recommended to ride the road to Haad Rin from Ban Thai on a motorbike. This road is very steep and twisty, a hot spot for big accidents. Overall the roads on Phangan are quite wide in places and generally in quite good condition. Some parts of the Island near the coast there are steep roads. The road to Thong Nai Pan used be dirt track which is now under construction with a new layer of cement being laid. See Motorbike hire website for more about renting bikes and scooters.