Haad Khuat – Bottle Beach

Haad Khuat – Bottle Beach , Koh Phangan Beach

Haad Khuat which means bottle beach in Thai is a popular beach getaway on Koh Phangan because it can only be accessed by boat or a very rough ride by 4×4 through the jungle or you can trek across the mountain which is about two and half kilometers of jungle and treacherous rocks from Haad Khom area, but it’s very tricky and hot, it’s not an easy trek. So considering taxi boats are the best way to and from the beach it’s a reason why people tend to spend more time here getting away from everything. During bad weather most taxi boats will not risk the seas and if you are already on Bottle beach you can get stranded there for a few days.


This beach is very beautiful with a wide bay and green tropical jungles each side. The beach some local bars and restaurants and a few resorts that all located on the beach which include Haad Khuad Resort and the popular Bottle Beach 1 Resort. If you’re visiting for the day then you will enjoy the getaway and some of the local fresh caught fish food. Bottle beach is a white sandy beach, with clear blue waters; the sea tends to have some gentle waves which would mean monitoring your children. Although most of the time the sea is relatively calm. The sea here is kind of stays the same level all year round and provides excellent swimming and snorkeling.

Because of the location of this beach you will not see a sunset or sunrise. But it’s one beach that most visitors to the Island of Koh Phangan do visit because of the boat ride that keeps it a wonder to most that can’t just go and drive there.

A taxi boat from Chalouklum can cost around 150 baht upwards one way for one person. Taxi boats operate all day and its worth haggling one of the locals taxi boat man if you are more than four or five people for a better price.

Map location of Bottle Beach

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