Sprite Laundry Service

Sprite Laundry Service – Koh Phangan

Every villa and most hotels on the Island have a great deal of laundry to go through each month for their property. With most properties changing the towels and linen on a three-day basis and even daily basis. Water shortage and running costs of laundry machines can be quite high and a lot of work for your staff. Your average three bedroom villa can go through at least 12 towels, three lots of bed linen, including pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers. It makes sense to have a company dealing with all this and know that your linen and towels will be returned cleaned, ironed and ready for the next change over. Having a laundry service for your villa or hotel is a great help.

Sprite laundry service is ready to take over your laundry problems to give peace of mind. Sprite laundry are a family run business who have been operating on the Island for over 8 years.

Using only the best machines and products to keep your linen and towels as white as possible. Also keeping the colors in your linen or towels 100%. A friendly service, easy to work with, just call them and they come and pick-up and return when ready.

Laundry Service

Extra fast service can be organized.

Their service involves pickup and drop-off of your laundry.

All the linen and towels are marked for identification for your villa.

Pick-up is anytime you want, just call them.

Their rates are competitive and being one of the most established laundry services on Koh Phangan, the rates are probably the best.

Billed Monthly

Located on the Ban Tai road.

9/3 M2 Bantai, Koh Phangan, Surathani

Telephone : 087 819 1805