Fullmoon Party Guide

The fullmoon party happens once a month on the beach called Haad Rin. The party was created by backpackers back in the early 80’s. Haad Rin is the biggest developed town and resort on the Island, with its own port connecting it with a daily ferry service to Koh Samui. Haad Rins location is in the North East part of the Island and if you were travelling from any other part of the Island to Haad Rin you will soon see that it is only accessed by a very mountainous road that does tend to put a lot of people of travelling to and from it, especially during a full moon party. Haad Rin is mainly built up of small bungalows, hotels and apartments. The town its self is has plenty of shops, restaurants, massage parlors and more to keep anybody staying in the area happy. And most who come to the full moon party don’t venture very far away from this town. Haad rin does have the most bars and clubs and the most nightlife than any other town or resort on the Island and this does seem to attract the younger generation. Even before and after a fullmoon party Haad Rin has a good selection of nightlife compared with other towns which are fairly quiet?

Getting to the Fullmoon Party

If you are staying in Samui you can get a speed boat from Bangrak pier for around 500baht they take less than 20mins to cross the water to Haad Rin. These speed boats operate all through the night during a full moon. So even if you are not staying on the Island it’s easy enough to get back to Samui after or during the party.
Most people come to Phangan a few days before the party, this is the reason the Island gets busy just before the party. There are plenty of ferry services operating between all the Islands and the mainland to bring you to Koh Phangan. See Ferries.
If you are staying outside of Haad Rin then we suggest that you should get a taxi or songtail to the party. During the party there will be a lot of taxis running backwards and forwards to Haad Rin. The road to Haad Rin is very dangerous for non-experienced bike riders and even for drivers who have never been on this road and of course drinking and driving is not recommended anyway, so after the party you don’t want to be attacking a difficult drive under alcohol.
If you are staying up in the North parts of the Island or even some parts of the South there is taxi boats that will take you directly to the beach of Haad Rin. Just ask at the reception where you stay to point you in the right direction of where there is boat. Usually these taxi boats are local fisherman and will be clearly seen either on the beach or at a local fisherman port. They also operate all through the party and they easily found right on the beach of Haad Rin when you want to return back to your resort or bungalows.
Once you have arrived at Haad Rin you need to find your way down to the beach. Haad Rin has lots of small roads with bars, shops and restaurants. Most the time you just follow your nose and the crowds of people and you will end up in the right place. Basically Haad Rin has a center street which is always busy, on the road you will see lots of small roads sloping downwards towards the beach. You will also see almost every space taken up with people selling buckets with drink. Your party is about to begin.

Keep the beach clean

We want the full moon party to last forever, and the day after the party the beach looks like a rubbish tip. The local businesses spend the next few days cleaning up the mess. Because if they don’t they have been warned by the government that they will stop the party from happening. All seems far-fetched and if ever they did stop it, I’m sure it would find a new home. But the main reason for this high warning is to create awareness to try and keep and take care of the beach and the Island. Don’t throw your empty bottles in the sea or drop them on the beach, there are rubbish bins if you look for them.

Drinks at a Fullmoon Party

The famous Fullmoon Party buckets, you buy 1 bucket and a choice of ingredients, filled with ice and five or six straws and you now have a bucket full of alcohol. Buckets can be brought anywhere in Haad RIn on the full moon party just about every small corner or space that is not being used has a table full of bottles of alcohol and colored buckets. They are generally the same price all across the beach and bargain hunting is just not worth the effort to save 1 or 2 baht. You can however still buy beer and any other types of drink which can be brought with the people selling the buckets.


Food is everywhere like all of Thailand food is never forgotten and just about every place that sells drink is selling food. The beach has a like a food market area where all types of food can be brought. Sausages, Burgers or meat on a stick even pizza can be brought on the beach. If you fancy something a bit fancier or even a sit down meal then Haad Rin has plenty of good restaurants which are just a five minute walk of the beach and back into the center of the town. There are a few 7/11’s if you just fancy a light snack.


The weather on Koh Phangan is mainly good and fair all through the year. The heavy rains normally come around November time which is low season for Thailand. A full moon party in the rain does still go ahead. If it does rain very hard on a full moon then most people tend to hug the bars and clubs which are next to the beach. An experience at a full moon party with a sudden rain storm has been an enjoyable experience. It’s not so good if the rain gets extremely heavy and lasts the whole night, but people who come to party still make a party. The weather can change from one day to the next on Phangan and we can only advise and say November would be the highest risk of rain. The other months it’s more likely to be not raining than raining.So throughtout the year we always get good weather for the Fullmoon party.

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