Living on Phangan

Living on Phangan is easy and extremly relaxed, most people who live there are very chilled and never in a rush for anything.Life is run at a slower pace, because its a more peacful place. You can get most the things you want on Koh Phangan regarding food and drinks. A Tesco Lotus is based on Phangan, which is a little smaller than the one on Koh Samui. There are also good dozen other shops that offer similar products.Thong Sala is the main town of Phangan and Haad Rin is the main tourist town which hosts the fullmoon party. Haad Rin has large selection of shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife along with a large selection of accommodation. A food market can be found in Thong Sala where you can find lots of fresh fish, vegetables and local products. Also in Thong Sala is a food market which has about 30 stores selling all types of local Thai food etc..The weather on Phangan is mostly dry throughout the months of January to October with an average temperature of 28 centigrade. Months of November and December can bring alot of rain, but because this is an Island the weather can be very unpredicatble. On an average the weather is failry pleasant all year and its very rare to have bad weather for weeks on end.

Restaurants can be found all over the Island even on some of the dark back roads. Most popualr restaurants are found on the beaches and all offer local cusine and Western food.Look out for local Thai restaurants which offer some great food and very low price, compared to some of the restaurants on the beach where the prices will be a little higher.

Koh Phangan is a great little Island for a holiday and probably one of the best Islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Its peacful, relaxed and has the big fullmoon party once a month which brings the little Island to life. Its a great Island to see and visit and taste the lifetsyle of the Island that has been bringing backpackers to the Island for the last decade.