Ao Sri Thanu

Ao Sri Thanu Beach – Koh Phangan Beach

This relaxing little village called Sri Thanu has a unique beach which is quite large. The beach is divided from the main road by a small river which is fed by the nearby lake at the North end and the inlet from the sea which is at the South end of the beach. The South end of the beach is a small fishing port. Three or four wooden bridges are available to cross to get to the beach from the main village of Sri Thanu. The beach is all white sand, although entering the sea there are a few stones and rocks at the South end. The center of the beach is large enough to play games like football or volleyball. The resorts sit back from the beach and some of the bungalows here are right on the beach. A few restaurants which are part of the resorts make up the back part of the beach. Nice Sea resort is one of the popular resorts on the beach.

This is also another great sunset spot, check out Phangan Cove restaurant which is also a resort with a dozen bungalows behind it near by is the three monkees bar for some cool chill-out music and cocktails on the beach.

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