Phangan Delivery Services

Phangan Delivery Services

Phangan delivery services from a range of different restaurants across the Island, ready to deliever a wide selection of ready cooked meals to your holiday home on Phangan. Because the Island is relativity small most restaurants on the Island are willing to deliver a selection of food from there menu to almost any part of the Island. If you want one of those lazy days in your holiday home and don’t feel like going out or cooking something, then dive into this selection of places that will deliver to your door.

You might want to get a local sim card from 7/11 so you can call locally, calling from your own international number will cost you a lot more money.

Make sure you have the name of your villa or the place you are staying and the address if possible.

Here is a list of following places that will deliver to your villa on Koh Phangan.

Mamma Mia Wonderfood
+66 987018667

Chana Masala Indian Restaurant​
+66 77423498
+66 633431686

Foods & Roots Vegan ​

Jahana Tapas
+66 822241174

Monnalisa Italian restaurant
+66 80-696-7378
+66 087-471-4967

+66 647234197

Mateo Pizza
+66 828155816

Healthy Brownie Bakery and Salad Bowl​
+66 824184402

Good Time Restaurant
+66 835956629

Paprika Restuarant ​
+66 992750165

Soho Bar
+66 929 434494

Indigo Specialty Coffee & Bakery
+66 816223374

Nena Locanda Italiana​
+66 803517677

Wasabi sushi ​
+66 925505231

Make it Phangan
+66  803812668

Basilico Pizzeria
+66 806070233

Echo Beach Cafe
+66 948737141‬

SeoulVibe Korean Restaurant​
+66 990785769
+66 989571857