Fullmoon Party Beach Haad Rin

Whatever direction you come from to enter the full moon party you will have to pay 100Baht, you will be given a funky wrist band with full moon party written on it. If you are staying near the beach you might get away with not paying this entrance fee. If you are staying outside Haad Rin you will have to pay it to get into beach area.
So now to the beach, it don’t matter what color the sea is and how white the sand is, it’s the lights of the bars that front the beach that make this beach the reason it’s the full moon party beach.

The center of the beach is Tommy bungalows, they have the largest sound system and a DJ that play some real hardcore dance, trance and house music. From this point you can look out towards the sea and then look left you will see a cliff with a large bar on it. Some risky steps up to this place, but once up there the view across the bay is beautiful and this is place where you get magic mushrooms. Look to your right from the center of the beach and you will the other bar on the cliff, another nice bar which is not as high as its opposite side. The beach has many resorts, bars and restaurants fronting it.

Somewhere near the center of the beach you find an emergency response team. Basically this is a team of people with a fenced of area containing beds to lie down they help people who get to drunk or tired or suffer from fatigue. Its run by local businesses who collect donations to run it.