Haad Salad

Haad Salad – Koh Phangan Beach

Haad Salad is a small little bay that is very beautiful with green coconut tree covered hills each side of the bay. It is said by the Thai people that this beach was used as a hideout many years ago for pirates. For a pirate ship it would probably be a great hiding spot. This sandy beach has shallow waters for about 20 meters out. It is good for swimming during the high tidal seasons from November to June. The beach has plenty of good typical Thai restaurants and bars with some of the restaurants serving fresh fish; it is an excellent spot to watch a sunset and chill out.

The water is clear and its 90% sand. It’s another great beach for young children. The beach has some high coconut trees hanging over it with one of the trees supporting a large swing. The beach gets wider during the evenings because of the tide and most restaurants place there tables and chairs on the beach, this is perfect for those of you looking for romantic dinner on the beach.

Haad Salad has a number of resorts that just sit off the beach with a small village of shops and restaurants further back. Parking at the beach is not easy with a car although you can park at one of the resorts and walk to the beach.

Taxi boats – Yes
Water Sports – Kayaks, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, swimming

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