Paramotor School on Koh Phangan

Paramotor School on Koh Phangan

Paramotor PhanganKoh Phangan, Thailand has some excellent calm weather and very low winds which make it an excellent place to learn Para motor. The surrounding coast lines of Koh Phangan are mostly flat with shallow waters with the interior of the Island being mostly dense tropical jungle. This makes it a great place to start and also once you are in the air it’s a fantastic place to explore from the skies. Adun Seriphiromat has a Para motor school on the beach of Ban Tai. Adun Seriphiromat has been flying for many years and was born and raised on Koh Phangan. His local knowledge of the weather patterns and thermals are invaluable for learning to fly around Koh Phangan.

The courses are 7 or 8 days to learn all the basics of flight, basic meteorology, flight safety and general use of the equipment including its maintenance.

Planning your flight is the key to a successful flight; Adun will teach you the techniques to execute Ariel movements with a Para motor.

You will be taught the basics of flight which include:
1. Theoretical part for each exercise.
2. Learn the basics of the wings
3. Learn to control the wings
4. Learn the Para motor
5. Learn the safety and air regulations
6. Learn how to inflate the wings and control the engine.
7. Approaching with engine
8. Approaching with engine off.
9. Landing with engine off for emergency landings.

Koh Ma, Koh Phangan

Adun has a love of this sport and loves to fly; he has a passion for it and a passion for teaching new people to fly.
Telephone : 0847359148
Map below of where Adun Seriphiromat School is located on the Island of Koh Phangan. Address : 72M4 T. Ban Thai A. Koh Phangan – Suratthani..