What to wear at Fullmoon Party

Full Moon Party Clothing

It’s hot, it’s a party and most people wear next to nothing. In Haad Rin and around the Island of Koh Phangan there are many shops selling full moon party clothing. Which are basically bright colored shorts or miniskirts? Colored T-shirts with full moon party written on them in bright colored greens and pinks in hundreds of different ways is very popular at the full moon party.

Girls mainly wear bright colored shorts, bikini bottoms or a mini-skirt in bright pink or green with a bikini top or T-shirt.
The importance of showing your skin is because in a full moon party there are many paint artists who will paint your body with whatever you want. The paint again comes in these bright florescent colors and you will see most girls cover their legs and body in this paint with some unusual design, this goes the same for the guys. This has become a trend over the years and it seems like the more paint you got on your body the cooler it is. The paint does stain your clothes, so this is a good reason to invest into some party clothes… A lot of people do get creative in what they wear because anything goes really. Some go well over the top and dress up in something silly, most girls will wear something to be as sexy as possible.

Its important to know that wearing good clothes to the Fullmoon party is not advised, it can be a disaster in one way, that is because of the coloured body paint that is used by all the vendors at the Fullmoon party, it ruins your clothes if you get it on them, this happens very easily when you are within the crowds of people or even dancing,  with so many other people having their body’s painted, once you bump or brush past someone with body paint on them it gets onto you and if your wearing your favourite white T-shirt, it will be ruined. Its is extremely difficult to get off any kind of material, although it does come off your skin quite easily when fresh and a bit of scrubbing the next day.

Accommodation will charge you if you get body paint on the bedding or towels!

Clothes shops selling Full Moon outfits can be found in most of the main towns and villages. At the Full Moon party its self (Haad Rin) you will find plenty of shops selling Full Moon outfits, merchandise etc..

Your Feet

Shoes could be very important to you during the night. Thousands of people drinking on the beach and thousands of bottles and small plastic buckets are dropped on the beach. And then you get thousands of people with no shoes walking on the beach. It’s very easy to walk onto a broken bottle and it could finish your party early and yes stepping on a plastic bucket in the sand can hurt your bare feet. So even if you have some flip flops or thongs it’s advisable to wear them even on the beach.

Tip Flip Flops, Thongs..

You most of the time want to dance without your flip flops on,  so here is a handy tip. Place the strap part of the flip flops over your ankles, see photos, then you will always have you flips flops when needed after dancing. Stops them from being lost or picked up by someone else.


Flip Flop tip









Your Head

Many wear some of the full moon hats that are available at the stores at the party or the flashing ears that are sold on the beach.. Most the time people get their faces painted. A new trend that is being sold on the beach is green masks.







We would say wear what you want, innovate , be sexy , enjoy the party and there is no reason for wearing something completely different this is the biggest beach party in Asia!