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Zip lines Canopy Adventure

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Zip lines have become a popular thrill or a new fun way to experience the jungle. The zip line also has other names like flying fox, foe-fie slide and even zips wire. A zip line is a suspended cable normally made from stainless steel and mounted on a slight incline to allow gravity to work. A person is attached to the zip line with a freely moving pulley and is propelled by gravity to travel from the top point to the bottom point of where ever this zip line ends. The ride is simple, the function and movement all depends on how much the incline is from point A to point B. The fun comes into it when the zip lines are placed in the middle of dense jungles with great backdrops that will add to the adrenalin rush and thrill.

Koh Phangan has its own zip lines by  Just for Fun, who have setup zip lines in the heart of the Koh Phangan’s tropical jungle they have been running for nearly 2 half years and each year they get more and more popular. The zip lines are set in a unique set of surroundings which include mountains, dense tropical jungle, sea views and all located around 330m high with spectacular views of Koh Phangan. You can make a round trip on 8 of the cable walkways. Experience an adventure in the tropical jungles of Koh Phangan a great time for all the family.

Just for Fun Safety First

Zip LinesJust for Fun provides all the safety equipment at the best standards along with the trained staff to assist you on your way to some excellent fun on the zip lines. Managed by French staff at safety first protocol, they will give you a great experience to fly through the jungle, above and under the trees.

The location of the zip lines is on the top of the mountain on the Baan Tai to Thong Nai Pan Road about 1000m from the elephant camp.

You will also find a lovely garden bar, where you can chill out and relax in the jungle atmosphere with great views of Phangan Island and its coastline.

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