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Writers Retreat Workshop – Koh Phangan

Writers Retreat Workshop – Koh Phangan

Writers Retreat Koh Phangan


Writers Join Forces to Launch Writing Workshop Series at Mermaid Villa on Koh Phangan, Thailand

Mermaid Villa will be the scene of “The Tropical Writer’s Tool Kit,” an in-depth five-day retreat on social media writing, online promotion, personal storytelling, creative development and monetization

Koh Phangan is known worldwide as a destination for exuberance, spirituality and lush tropical beauty. Add creative growth and development to that mix and you have an exciting new Phangan retreat experience.

Island writers Brian Gruber and Kaila Krayewski promise a unique, immersive experience of writing, classes, sharing and creative exercises to advance your literary and commercial aspirations. Fresh off leading their own memorable workshops at The Sanctuary and Phanganburi Resort, Kaila and Brian will bring years of experience as authors, content marketers, journalists and coaches to the event. “We will deliver a mix of hard-core content marketing tools and spiritual creativity exercises,” promises Krayewski. “Anyone with an interest in advancing and practicing their writing skills will have a ball, leaving with a practical, usable set of new tools.”

“There is growing interest among digital nomads, expats and travelers to create captivating content that will engage audiences,” suggests Gruber. “Whether for personal expression, for commerce or effective digital communication, we are all now content creators and we all want to tell our stories with refined style and impact.”

Session themes include memoir writing, self-publishing, funding your projects, writing attention-grabbing headers and content for social media, how to edit and proofread, how to make your blog post stand out, how to master the art of observation, interviewing skills, how to tell your story, and much more.

Mermaid Villa Swimming Pool

Mermaid Villa was chosen as the location for the scene of the experience, says Brian, for its lush waterfront, poolside ambience. “I lived just around the corner for months and never knew what a gem I had for a neighbor. Kaila kept raving about it and I had no idea till I met Lee there for my first visit.It’s everything we wanted. Intimate, beautiful and special, it’s a place where someone seeking a transformative creative experience can spread their wings.” A Thai chef will handcraft meals, and one of the island’s most esteemed yoga teachers will lead relaxation, breathing, meditation and creative visualization exercises.


Details of Writers Workshop Retreat

WHEN: 20-25 February 20-25, 2018

COST: Workshop with luxury beachside accommodation is $1,350 USD, and without accommodation, $750 USD.

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The workshop retreat co-leaders

Brian Gruber began his media career as the first marketing director of C-SPAN, where he hosted national call-in shows with politically prominent guests such as Cesar Chavez, Nancy Pelosi and John McCain. He founded , which brought the world’s leading public forums ( Chautauqua, New York Public Library, Aspen Ideas Festival ) to the web, conducting interviews with writers and public intellectuals such as Norman Mailer, Malcolm Gladwell, Christopher Hitchens and Robert MacNeil. He also founded , an automated platform livestreaming the world’s elite jazz clubs. He is the author of two books, Dauphin, Dorian & Dead and WAR: The Afterparty , a Kickstarter-funded global tour of the scenes of the last half century of U.S. military interventions. He co-hosted a writing workshop at The Sanctuary in September and has led workshops on personal visioning and storytelling for individuals and groups for four years. He is currently working on a biography of jazz fusion great Billy Cobham. Visit his website at

Kaila Krayewski kick-started her writing career with a degree from the prestigious Carleton University Journalism School, before moving on to a Master’s degree in International Relations in the UK. Her feet already starting to itch, she ventured to Asia, where she began a career in content marketing. She swung from magazine editor to university marketing professor and many similar jobs in between until she finally started her content marketing company. Kaila’s company, Archipelago Communications , works with high-end brands like the Shangri-La Hotel Group, Momondo, Calvin Klein, Nine West, AIG, and more, helping them deliver the most engaging content to their fan bases both on and offline. She recently opened The Content Castle , a haven for writers’ on Koh Samui.


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