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Half Moon Festival 29th February

Half Moon Festival 29th February

Half Moon Festival Program of the night start at 9PM

Event start at 9pm with quality chill out tunes from The Harmony Chill Project.

9PM: “Global Warmig Minin Concert” Say No to Plastic !!
Live: Moscowfish Feat Joe the guitar man…
11PM: “The Main Dance Floor” Electro & Minimal Break in House Groove
DJ. Boyonic Feat Electronic African, DJ Ambe by Master Guy
1AM: J.A.O “Asian Top Electronic Music Producer” / Live & DJ. Set Under New Electronic MuSic Production 2010 “Tripical”
2AM: Until Sunrise Guest DJ & Music Producer, V.J. and All Show are Organize by Harmony DJS Team Thailand (Come and Satisfy Your Soul…)

Tickets cost ?

Festival tickets cost 500 Baht including 1 Free Drink + Absolutely Free Original Audio CD Half Moon Festival Compilation 2011.
Tickets are available at the Entrance, or you can get presale tickets at your Hotel or Any travel agent with our Half Moon poster.

Half Moon Festival offers you SAFETY FIRST Please always keep shoes on in party zone, don’t bring any kind of fireworks, weapons or Drugs.

Our advice is don’t be tempted by drugs, this island has had a bad reputation for a long time and the open taking of drugs is not tolerated. The police are very hot on stopping the problem. Do not carry any kind of drugs to the party. Motorbike accidents are fairly common; So, always keep left, be careful on sandy corners and never Drink & Drive! Taxis and rental jeeps are cheap especially if you hire one in a group.