Where is Koh Phangan

Koh PhanganKoh Phangan is an Island located in the Gulf of Thailand in the South East and is part of the Surat Thani Province.

Settlements from The Bronze Drum of Dongson Culture (500BC – 100BC) were found on on Koh Samui in 1977 that the earliest evidence known of settlers on the Islands of Koh Phangan and Koh  Samui.

This Island is 168 square kilometers in size and the distance from the mainland is 55km and only 15km away from Koh Samui. The main town is called Thong Sala which also has the main ferry port. The main tourist town on the Island which also has a ferry port to Koh Samui is Haad Rin. Haad Rin is the location of the once a month full moon party.

The Island has a stunning and diverse natural environment to explore. The Island is full of lush untouched rain forests, sparkling waterfalls, mountains and spectacular deserted coves and some of the best beaches in Thailand. Koh Phangan can take your breath away! Along with the character filled villages like Chaloklum or Srithanu and the ancient temples which exist here, Koh Phangan’s landscape makes the Island both a beautiful and spiritual place. The mountainous and hilly interior of Koh Phangan provides visitors with some dramatic scenic viewpoints. The favorite is Khao Ra and make sure that body is adequately fueled and that you are carrying plenty of water as there is a sometimes challenging two hour trek to the mountain’s summit! Other viewpoints to make a beeline for are Dome Sila viewpoint, Wat Khao Tam and Mr Pongs Paradise which can be found on the road running North from Ban Tai.

 Where is Koh Phangan Map

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