Private Chef

Private Chef's red curryThe fresh aroma and smell of cooking by someone else has to be the ultimate thrill when staying at a villa. All the slaving over the stoves being done by someone else especially for you. A private chef at your villa!

Arriving back at the villa from your long day out exploring the Island or basking on one of the many beautiful beaches you just want to sit and relax and enjoy the holiday villa. You could be arriving back to a beautiful Thai dinner being prepared for you. A private chef is a wonderful idea when renting a holiday villa. You don’t have to think about what you will cook, it’s all done for you, just sit and relax while a quality meal is served in front of you with nice glass of wine.

Private Chefs

There is a selection of private chefs on Koh Phangan, that all do different styles of food. Depending what kind of service, you require that being a breakfast or meal cooked every day or just a one of special occasion meal, the choice is yours. A private chef will offer you a selection of dishes to choose from and most of the time this is a big selection of tasty food on a menu. A private chef will do all the preparation and shopping for you. You can decide when you want a private chef to prepare food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The chefs on Koh Phangan are mostly Thai and Thai food is what they are extremely good at.

Most villas have a decent size fully equipped kitchen, which the chef will use to prepare your food. A private chef will also prepare the dinner table, and even give you a wine list. A private chef needs to know in advance of at least three or four days so they can prepare the right ingredients for whatever food you want. It’s important to let the villa management or owner know advance if you require a private chef, so they can organize communication with the chef. Private chef’s get very busy during peak season which is December, January, and February.

Special Occasions

If it’s a special occasion like a wedding party or any other celebration, then you must give the private chef advanced notice of at least a few weeks in order to book the chef for the dates you need and for the chef to know exactly what you require for that event. A private chef will provide you with an estimated price for purchases, time and extra staff if needed, depending on your event or wedding size.


The villas that can be rented on the Island normally cater for the number of people the villa can sleep. Please be aware that renting a villa for 6 persons or less and having a dinner party for 10 or 12 you may need to inform the chef that extra plates, glasses, and cutlery will be needed. Most chefs can provide extras. Another subject that often gets overlooked is the dining table size and insufficient chairs to cater for a bigger group of people.

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