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Koh Phangan Guide

Koh Phangan Guide

Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao are located southeast of Thailand and are three of the country’s most famous islands, not forgetting that Phuket is the most famous super tourist destination.
These three small islands are tropical paradises (24-32 ° C) with plenty of beaches with clear waters, white sand and coconut palms, where you can sleep for 8 euros in a bungalow or cottage by the sea. Inside there is jungle, rivers and waterfalls of cold water, monkeys, all kinds of birds and the occasional elephant for tourists.

If these three little paradises are compared (taking into account the size and activities) with the Balearic Islands Mallorca serious Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao Formentera Ibiza. Although Koh Phangan has enough differences to Ibiza as it is a tropical island and also almost no tall buildings or large hotels and fewer clubs, if you share the island with a reputation for good parties, mainly by the Full Moon Party in Thailand, a rave kind of well-known beach backpackers

They say that the Full Moon Party started in 87 or 88 as an anniversary party on the beach of Haad Rin must have been a good party and since then during each full moon night gather between 8,000 and 30,000 people on the beach to continue the tradition. The festival begins with the appearance of the moon and as the night progresses and people go emptying their buckets , the beach becomes a dance floor with different areas, there is music for all tastes, technology, trance, reggae, pop, drum and bass, etc.. Jugglers and fireworks complete the ambiance.

If you’re looking for quiet holiday on Koh Phangan then avoid Haad Rin beach and go to the northeast or northwest of the island.

Koh Phangan Guide, Sleep, Eat, Activities


Most accommodations consist of bungalows or cabins near the beach. Prices vary depending on the beach and the quality of the guest house, between 300 and 1000 Bats (7.5 and 20 EUR). There are also some resorts with more quality rooms and high price. Phangan Hotels or Phangan villas are another choice


The way to eat good and cheap is to find local restaurants or simple Thai food (50 per plate Bats 1.5 euros). If you eat at the guest houses expect to pay a minimum of 100-150 per plate Bats (2.5-3.5 EUR). I recommend eating in the market of Thong Sala.

Transport: songthaews (taxi type cars pickups) cross the island by about 100 bats (2.5 EUR). But it is better to rent a bike for about 100-200 Bats (2.5 to 5 EUR) per day and move freely but carefully if you do not want to end up with renowned tattoo of Koh Phangan (the scar that is left after an accident on the island, which happens frequently).

Shopping: Unless it is your ultimate destination in Thailand, avoid buying on the island since the prices are very inflated. If you go back to Bangkok then visit the Chatuchak Market, the market that they do the weekends.

In Koh Phangan there are plenty of activities to do besides sunbathing and go to the Full Moon Party.


Koh Phangan is an excellent diving and snorkeling and there are many interesting sites with different types of corals and fish, plus there is usually not a lot of people so you can explore at your leisure. You can reach them by swimming or by boat. It is also a good place to do scuba diving courses (PADI) as it is very well priced. (Open Water Diver 4 days for 300 EUR)


It’s possible to see, do and learn, Muay Thai, Kite Surfing, Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, Sailing sailboats, rent kayaks, fishing, jungle tours, mountain biking, etc..


Visit the Ang Thong Marine Park, a nature reserve consists of 42 small islands where you can snorkel and diving. Make Thai cooking classes, yoga, meditation or go to one of several spas that are scattered around the island.