If you’re not staying in one of our villas then you will need accommodation. The Island has a wide selection of bungalows, hotels and villas. Staying outside Haad Rin is a better choice, because you see more of the Island. You will find that mostly backpackers stay in Haad Rin and this leads to the type of accommodation you will get there. Although there are some nice places to stay in Haad Rin you are staying in an area that is aimed at the backpacker.

 Fullmoon Party Accommodation

Staying in other parts of the Island will open your eyes to this lovely Island and make you think of it as not just a full moon party Island that it is known for. Ban Thai, Shri Thanu , Haad Salad, Haad Yao, Koh Ma and Cholouklum are all great areas to stay offering  Fullmoon party accommodation  to suite all budgets. These areas are all located around beautiful beaches. A luxury villa is a wise choice so you can chill out after the party, a bit like an Ibiza lifestyle. The Island does get very full around the full moon. And it’s wise to book in advance to get a good place to stay. Backpackers still turn up on the Island a few days before the full moon party and end up paying a lot more money according to their budget because the Island reaches full capacity and bungalows and hotels raise their prices.

Book Early and try to stay outside of Haad Rin if you want to see more of the Island. A villa is a wise choice if you’re not on a tight budget. Coming to the Island as early as possible will give you advantage not only with accommodation with hiring motorbikes or a car. When the Island gets full it’s very difficult to hire a bike as the capacity of motorbikes on the Island is very low.


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