Half Moon Festival August 14 Koh Phangan

Half Moon Festival Koh Phanganhalfmoonparty

Re-Turning of the King of Prog-0n today..Major7 coming Back to PhaNgan with new Released of Major7 Project which is at part of Legendary X-Noize (HomMega Music Production) First time ever with the HD Music quality ,New generation to the P.A sounds system ..Experiences the Great Music journey start from9pm with Chill-in live from Canada until 10.15pm Boyonic start first house beats ,pumping on his style until 1am before Tripical building in to Psy-Progessive for Mr.Barak from Marjor7 start at 3am to blow your minds away in X-Noize HD styles ..Burn the morning lights with Harmony sounds from our experienced resident dj PingPunk ,He will make sure that you have beautiful ending set with best morning. “come and Satisfy your soul..”
**About Major7 &X-Noize : ((Barak-Major7 )) Coming visit the Island ,with 2 Huge Dance Music Project Marjor7 Live /X-NoiZe (DJ Set) info :MAJOR7 is the second project from both talented electronic producers Nadav Bonen & Barak Argaman, the same 2 persons that stand behind X-noiZe (Hommega rec).
Bonen and Barak collaborate again this time in progressive psytrance music-.
8 years after producing X-noiZe psytrance/Full-on music they decided to come up with a new project under the name of MAJOR7 .
MAJOR7 founded at the end of 2010, as a low b.p.m(132 –138) progressive psytrance project that use a variety of techno elements along with psychedelic atmosphere .
It is prog psy trance with a modern progressive club beat, dancy and refreshing it integrates power and force with a moderate tempo groove and fresh techno elements of futuristic music, characterizing the next generation of progressive trance sound.
As it was and is with these 2 guys – the production level, the experience as producers, and their dj skills, along with their originality and the need to push themselves to Excellency – drive them constantly to create quality electronic music.
MAJOR7 started performs around the world , after releasing just 2 EPs …
The first EP of Major7 that got released jump them strait up to place number 2 on beatport psytrance top 100 .
2012 year will be the year of Major7 in psyprog trance , after shaping their sound to an original sound , with a top level production skills .
Currently Major7 working on their debut album that will be released by Iboga rec .
The “buzz” on their music is massive and djs all over the prog psytrance scene play their tracks already. stay tuned for more music , only and just only quality stuff from this act!