Writers Retreat Workshop – Koh Phangan

  Writers Join Forces to Launch Writing Workshop Series at Mermaid Villa on Koh Phangan, Thailand Mermaid Villa will be the scene of “The Tropical Writer’s Tool Kit,” an in-depth five-day retreat on social media writing, online promotion, personal storytelling, creative development and monetization Koh Phangan is known worldwide as a destination for exuberance, spirituality…

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2016 THAILAND’S OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS Jan 1 Friday New Year’s Day National holiday Jan 9 Saturday National Children’s Day Observance Jan 16 Saturday Teachers’ Day Observance Feb 8 Monday Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day Observance Feb 9 Tuesday Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year Observance Feb 10 Wednesday Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year…

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Official Holiday Dates in Thailand 2014

2014 Thailand’s Official Holidays


1 January 2014, Wednesday New Year’s Day
14 February 2014, Friday Makha Bucha Day
6 April 2014, Sunday Chakri Day
7 April 2014, Monday Substitution for Chakri Day
13 April 2014, Sunday Songkran Day

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Mermaid Beach Villa Preview

Koh Phangan is today still known as a great destination for back packers but is becoming an ever increasing destination for people wanting to stay longer on the Island and stay in luxury accommodation. People looking for more luxury accommodation, peace and tranquility on Koh Phangan are getting more options as the Island moves into a five star market. Five star villas will steadily increase across this small Island as the infrastructure of the Island gets better, with the news of the airport being built and the second big supermarket chain Big C opening in the

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Half Moon Festival August 14 Koh Phangan

Half Moon Festival Koh Phangan Re-Turning of the King of Prog-0n today..Major7 coming Back to PhaNgan with new Released of Major7 Project which is at part of Legendary X-Noize (HomMega Music Production) First time ever with the HD Music quality ,New generation to the P.A sounds system ..Experiences the Great Music journey start from9pm with…

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Jungle Experience 18 August Koh Phangan

DJ LINE UP…. MOUDY (Positive Vibes / Insomnia FM – Lebanon) KUMA (Quinte – KL) JOURDAN BORDES (Moon Island Records – US) ALPHA (Weyalnd- Yutani – SE) JULIEN (FR) Welcome to the most beautiful party experience on Koh Phangan. Jungle Experience is one of the original underground dance gatherings in Koh Phangan. This unique eco…

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Big C Supermarket

Koh Phangan is evolving like every other Island around Asia. The Island of Phangan is growing with more and more foreigners and Thais settling on the Island to either do business or spend their holiday times. More restaurants, shops and other businesses are coming to the Island. This only means that the big companies will…

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Jungle Experience – Christmas Eve

Welcome to the most beautiful party experience on Koh Phangan…. Jungle Experience is one of the original underground dance gatherings in Koh Phangan. This unique eco party location in a beautiful secret garden clearing deep in the midst of the Baan Tai jungle has a natural mountain stream running through the party zone and leading…

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End of the world party 2012

THE END OF THE WORLD is COMING What is your plan ? Half Moon Party? 12 – 21 – 2012 A :Stay at home get bored ,Eat & sleep and get Fat ? or B : Make a good night-out with good friend in the best party venue ? Some people Believe that 21st December…

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